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The Affordable Thin Client
The individually configurable thin client FUJITSU FUTRO S720 is ideal for secure server-based computing and desktop virtualization. It impresses through its simplicity, unique connectivity options and a long lifecycle that minimizes TCO.
Ad: FUTRO S720
İşlemci: AMD G-Series GX-217A işlemciye kadar
İşletim Sistemi: Windows Embedded Standard
Bellek: 4 GB'ye kadar
Sabit Disk Sürücüler: 1x 32 GB mSATA'e kadar
Grafik Kartı: AMD Radeon™ HD8280E
Satış yerleri

Ek özellikler

Green technology

  • Your company's contribution to environmental protection
  • A modern, environmentally conscious product concept - from development to recycling

Relaxed working

  • Quiet system for a pleasant working environment
  • Flash memory and passive cooling concept

Energy efficiency

  • Saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Integrated system concept with high-level power-saving components


  • Easy administration while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Outstanding manageability solution

Backpack solution

  • Less space needed
  • The FUJITSU FUTRO S720 can be mounted behind a display