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Remote Access to Performance
The FUJITSU FUTRO L420 smart zero client meets a multitude of user and business needs. It supports a variety of applications, whilst providing ease of use, high security and requiring simple management.
Ad: FUTRO L420
İşlemci: Teradici™ TERA2321 işlemciye kadar
İşletim Sistemi: Windows® OS or embedded Linux
Bellek: 0.512 GB'ye kadar
Grafik Kartı: Teradici™ TERA2321
Satış yerleri

Ek özellikler

Virtual desktop infrastructure

  • Unrivalled user experience
  • Desktop virtualization via PCoIP

Genuine workstation performance

  • Keep your data safe at the data center and safe space at your office at the same time
  • Remote access to your workstation

Relaxed working

  • Quiet system for a pleasant working environment
  • Passive cooling concept

Optimal security

  • Restricts the use of non-licenced software and the risk of virus infections
  • Read-only file system, which can be switched off any time on short notice

Sistem uyumluluğu

  • Mevcut ağlara ve masaüstü yapılandırmalarına uyum sağlar
  • Windows® OS veya yerleşik Linux'ta çalışır